Be there when «NATURE BUILDS!».

Dear Ladies and Gentleman,

What does that mean “nature builds”? Simply stated: A housebuilding, that is more than just eco-friendly – a housebuilding, that takes place in harmony with nature. How is this possible?

With clay

We will build a detached house from clay. As an architect, for over 20 years I have been devoting myself and have been teaching about this type of construction and have planned and built several projects worldwide. Clay is one of the oldest and most original designs in the world. The reasons for the clay construction are diverse: better room and ambient climate, as well as possible higher energy savings. Clay as a building material is convincing, because it allows the harmonious use of nature:

What we take from nature, we also want to give back.”

This house will be the first of it´s kind in Switzerland and because of this it will not only be a house, but a research project for testing of new building and measuring methods. In order to realize this ambitious and unique pioneering project, we rely on strong sponsors like you. Support us with a sponsorship contribution and benefit from the uniqueness of this project – you will be part of this unique project – be a part of it, when nature builds.

In order for you, as a sponsor, to receive the deserved attention, we strive for a presence in the
trade media and the general public. One should learn how a clay building works and looks. As part
of this project, we launched a website with a blog where we will show your advertising. As a sponsoring partner, you benefit from access to measurement values, knowledge and the attention this pioneering project will bring.

I would be delighted, if we could enter into this cooperation for an environmentally friendly construction. Whether and how you would like to contribute, you decide – whether it’s a sponsorship, building material or manpower.

In the leaflet you will receive the detailed project description as well as a list of sponsoring possibilities.

With kind regards

Dr. Harry Rödel

For more information about
theresearch project brochure
for download.

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